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General terms & conditions fo use

These general terms and confitions of use are up to date from October 18th 2017


Following general terms & conditons of use (hereinafter general terms and conditions of use) cover to govern the conditions in which services are provided on the Company applications

(hereinafter « Applications ») are provided to every users (hereinafter « User ») on those website, Internet mobile sites and also on stores as « Google Play » or « Apple Store » (hereinafter

« Sites »), those services allows depending on the offer provided on the application, to access at some games and entertainment and to associated services provided bu the company (hereinafter « Prizee ») on their device present or futur, connected on the network (computer, smartphone, connected tv ..)allow the access to the service (hereinafter « device »).

Use of the application of any kind, involve the full agreement of these Terms and conditions.

Applications, web site and internet mobile sites (excluding stores "Google Play" or "Apple Store") are edited by Digital Virgo Entertainment company, SAS, with a capital of 496040 euros, register in the Aix en Provence Trade and companies, register under nulmber B 430 325 811/ n° Intre-European VAT FR 80 430 325 811 whose head office is situated at 350 rue Denis Papin - parc de la Duranne - Domaine de Tourillon - 13100 Aix en Provence - France (Hereafter the "company")

Customer Service :

If you have any questions or require additional ionformation about these terms & conditions or about the application, please contact our customer service :

By letter : Service Client PRIZEE – Libre Réponse 94119 - 13629 Aix en Provence 1 –France

(does not require an obliteration)

By email on the website on the link "contact" at the bottom of every pages of the website or sending an email at the following email adress : Customer@prizee.com

By Phone : 09 70 34 03 51 (Price of a local call)

Access to the service

This service provided by the Company is available to the user for free

User who want to access to this service need to go to the website or the application and will have to follow the given instructions.

The access to the service is direct, subject however on a functionning internet network and user device.

In case of connection issue, the company cannot be held responsible, the company doen't held the internet network and the use of the user device.


The Subscription is charged at a price of € 0.99 TTC per week subscribed directly through the application store of his mobile phone (App Store or Google Play), allowing access to the Games without advertising.

Subscription starts on the date of acceptance of the order.

The subscription is concluded for an initial period of thirty days. At the end of this initial period, the Subscription will be tacitly renewed for successive periods of thirty days, unless terminated by the User.

Access to the Services is done immediately, subject however, to the proper functioning of the Internet and the Terminal and / or any computer equipment of the User connected to the Internet.

In the event of failure to receive, the Company can not be held responsible in any case, especially if these conditions have not been respected, it does not control, otherwise, the Internet, the computer and telephone installation of the User. It is the User's responsibility to check the contents of the product upon receipt.

The User may at any time terminate his subscription by going to the application store of his mobile phone (App Store or Google Play).

The modification, interruption or termination of a subscription period does not entitle you to any compensation whatsoever.

Specific provison to Services

Ø Account creation

User is solely responsible of his login, password and pseudo. As such he commit to not use a login, pseudo out of the low or with an an insulting meaning, racist, hateful, pedophile or sexual.

User choose the game he want on the application after he has connect with his login and password.

Password is sent by email at the choosen adress at account creation in case of forgotten password.

Ø Access to the service

Access is made by electronic way or by internet network provided by telecommunications opperator.

User access directly on the device choosen, access is made directly in case of good functioning of internet network and user device connected to internet.

In case of issue accessing to the service, the company shall have no responsability in addition if conditions & terms of use wasn't respected, taking into account the company can't manage internet network and user device.

Ø Multi Device access

Users subscribed at the service on the application, the website or mobile website are able to access to the games on all kind devices (Application, Mobile Website, Website).

It's understood that these games are different according to the device.

Furthermore, the user undertake to comply with the provisions of each kind of device.

Ø Content of the service

The Application

provide games and entertainment to users. The application offer several types of games from reflexion to skills ability, speed and knowledge of the users. All the games are define on the application.

The User

acknowledges that the number of game can be change by the Company.

Users that have download the application are able to play to all this games in a limits of 10 lifes, according that for playing 1 plays of a game users will use 1 life.

ØFidelity program access

Bubz and Zeep<

Every game played and win give a number of Bubz and zeep their are distributed according to the stars of the users and to the difficulty of the level played.

Bubz and Zeep permits users to participate to draws.

Bubz and Zeep doesn't have any monetary value and can't be sold, exchanged or transfered to anybodyLes Zeep . Bubz can't be exchanged by zeep and the other way round.

Usage of Bubz and Zeep only available for connected users

IF they wish too, users can use their Bubz and Zeep in order to participate and try to win draws, these draws allow them to win products or services. These products or services can be different between each support (Application, Website and mobile website)

User can choose to participate to the draw he want by selecting the a draw he is able to access according to his account bubz amount. In order to participate to a draw the user will have to dispose of the needed amount of Bubz according to the bubz value of the gift.

Then, the user can buy zeeps on the draw if he have participate to it.

Relative rules to get product or services :

- Duration of the draw of the product or service concerned.

- number of products or services available

- minimum Bubz amout user need to have on his account in order to participate and buy multiplier with zeep

When the user participate to a draw his bubz amount is directly debit from his account amount of Bubz by the price of the choosen draw. This amount will be credit back if the user doesn't win the draw.

When the user is registered as a partipant, he can use his zeep to buy multipliers in a range or price define by product by the Company. After validate his multipliers user is able to increase it in the limit of 10 multipliers maximum.

Zeep used to buy multipliers of chance are debits immédiatly of user account amout of zeep. It's impossible to quit a current participation to a draw.

It's forbidden to participate several times to a draw in any way (multi-account ...)

At the end of a draw, the user that has won the product or service will lose is bubz and zeep amount.

Users are limited to 1 draw win by month.

Exclusion of liability

The Company offers no express or implied warranty, and assumes no

liability, with respect to the use of the Site and/or the Application.

The company assumes no responsibility in the event of breakage of the

Terminal when Users use the Application (in the event the Terminal falls

by playing with the Application, for example); similarly, the company

assumes no responsibility in case of nausea, travel sickness and/or

epileptic seizure of the user. The use of the Application is not

recommended to Users subject to these diseases.

Neither the Company nor any third party involved in the creation of the Application or Site shall in any event be liable or owe any compensation to a User or any other party for direct, indirect, consequential, special or ancillary losses incurred due to the use of the Application or Site, or any other site linked by a hyperlink, in particular loss of profits, losses due to business interruption or losses due to loss of programs or other data from the User’s management information system or anywhere else. The User’s connection to any other external site shall be at his/her own risk.

The Site and/or the Application may contain images of and links to sites managed by third parties (‘Third-Party Sites’). The Company has no control over Third-Party Sites and assumes no liability with respect to their content. In particular, the Company assumes no liability for the content of links displayed on Third-Party Sites or for modifications or updates to Third-Party Sites. The Company shall not be liable for any material distributed over the internet or using any other form of transmission that is received from a Third-Party Site, or for a malfunction of Third-Party Sites. The Company provides such links for the User’s convenience only, and the inclusion of a link does not mean that the Company approves the content of such Third-Party Sites or that there is any association between the Company and the operators of said sites. Users are responsible for reviewing any privacy policy posted on Third-Party Sites, as well as their terms and conditions of use, and for complying therewith.

The Company endeavours to deliver the Services as quickly as possible. However, the Company must use the services and distribution networks of third-party companies, over which it has no influence with respect to availability. Accordingly, the Company shall not be liable in the event the User experiences delays in accessing the Services, or in the event of a temporary or permanent interruption in data transmission to the User’s Terminal if such interruption is not attributable to the Company. The Company reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the Services for Site maintenance and repairs.

Use of the Services requires use of certain technical systems, such as a Terminal, computer programs, means of transmission, telecommunication services and other services of third-party companies, which may entail additional costs. Such costs shall be borne by the User. The Company does not supply any of these technical systems and shall in no event be liable therefor.

Intellectual property rights

The Company offers Applications that it produces itself, as well as Applications licensed from third-party companies, which are protected by intellectual property rights.

Consequently, Applications downloaded are for Users’ personal use only. No reproduction, modification, transmission, sale or sub-license is authorised.

The figurative or other trademarks (hereinafter referred to collectively as the ‘trademarks’) displayed in the Applications or on the Sites, or in any newsletter, are registered or unregistered trademarks owned by the Company and third parties. Reference to trademarks in these Applications or on these Sites shall in no event be deemed an express or implied granting of any right of use, licence or authorisation with respect to said trademarks, without the written agreement of the Company or relevant third party. Any use of the trademarks referred to in the Applications or on the Sites, or the content thereof, that is not expressly authorised by the trademark holders, other than as granted under these General Terms and Conditions, is strictly forbidden. The Company hereby advises Users that it is entitled to take legal action, including before the criminal courts, to protect its intellectual property rights.

All rights of authors, composers, music publishers and all holders of neighbouring rights in the works reproduced and distributed in these Applications and/or on these Sites are reserved. Any use of said works other than as described in these General Terms and Conditions is forbidden.

Right of access to personal data files

The User is solely responsible for the data he/she provides.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the User is hereby informed that the information provided in connection with the Service is necessary to use the Service. Such information enables the Company inter alia to manage provision of the Service and the customer relationship.

Such information is intended solely for, firstly, the Company and its contractual partners for the requirements of providing the Service and, secondly, its service providers.

Some of these recipients are located outside the European Union, specifically in Mauritius and Morocco. These recipients will receive inter alia the following data: the first name, surname and address of prospective users and/or Users; the telephone number of prospective users and/or Users (including user names); the e-mail address of prospective users and/or Users; the identity of prospective users and/or Users; invoices of electronic communications operators (mobile telephone, landlines and internet access providers); and copies of identity documents, if applicable.

This data is transferred to recipients located outside the European Union for the purpose of managing (i) the provision of the Services and (ii) the customer relationship.

The Company reports data transfers outside the European Union to the French National Data Protection Authority (CNIL), and such data transfers are governed by the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission.

In accordance with Articles 38, 39 and 40 of the French Data Protection Act, Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, as amended by the Act of 6 August 2004, Users have the right to oppose the use of, and to access, correct and delete, any personal data about them that the Company obtains during their use of the Service. Users may exercise this right by sending an e-mail to the address specified on the Site from which the Application was downloaded or to the address specified on the relevant Site, or by writing to the following postal address: Service Client, Libre Réponse 94119, 13629 Aix-en-Provence 1, [France].

The User is hereby informed that by entering his/her telephone number and/or e-mail address, he/she authorises the Company to send him/her offers for products and services it markets on its own behalf or through partner publishers.

To unsubscribe from the special offers of the Company and its partners (received inter alia by e-mail), the User may write to the e-mail address above or click on the unsubscription link in the newsletter.

In addition, if the User does not wish to receive offers from the Company about its products and/or services, he/she may send the keyword ‘STOP’ to the short number specified in the advertising.

The personal data described above is reported to the French National Data Protection Authority under numbers 1627091v0, 1625178 v0 and 6534.


Cookies are data files sent to a web browser and stored on the computer’s hard drive. They do not allow internet users who visit the Sites to be identified directly. However, they record information about the computer’s navigation on the Sites (pages visited, date and time of the visit, etc.), which the Sites can read during subsequent visits. The computer stores an identification code in the cookie. The cookie only stores the identification code in its memory, and no other personal information about the User.

Data collected using cookies enable inter alia improvement of the quality of the Sites to make them more attractive or functional and to facilitate navigation thereon. More specifically, localisation data collected using cookies enables personalised Services to be provided.

The length of time during which this information is stored on the User’s computer depends on the Site(s) visited. After a cookie has been stored on his/her computer, the User may receive, or see displayed, advertising for products and services offered by the Company, its partners or subsidiaries of the Digital Virgo Group. Such advertising is broadcast under the sole responsibility of the relevant partners or advertising agencies.
The Company hereby informs the User that he/she may prevent cookies from being stored on his/her computer by configuring his/her web browser to inform him/her when cookies are sent to his/her computer. For example:

For Mozilla Firefox:

Select the ‘Tools’ menu, then ‘Options’

Click on the ‘Privacy’ icon

Find the ‘Cookies’ menu and select the options appropriate for you

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Select the ‘Tools’ menu, then ‘Internet Options’

Click on the ‘Privacy’ tab

Select the level desired using the slider

For Opera 6.0 and higher:

Select ‘Files’ > ‘Preferences’


If the User uses another web browser, he/she should review the software’s options for disabling cookies. In general, cookies can be disabled in the ‘Options’ menu of the software. For additional information, the User should study the assistance provided with his/her web browser.

However, if cookies are disabled, the User may no longer be able to (i) access certain areas of the Site or (ii) use certain Services. In addition, our partner’s cookies may be placed on the Site.

The User also acknowledges that during navigation of the mobile internet, certain mobile websites may store cookies on his/her mobile terminal. Similarly to the Sites, these cookies store information about the User’s navigation. The length of time during which this information is stored in the User’s mobile terminal depends on the mobile website visited. After a cookie has been stored on his/her mobile terminal, the User may receive, or see displayed, advertising for products and services offered by the Company. Such advertising is broadcast under the sole responsibility of the relevant partners or advertising agencies.

The Company hereby informs the User that he/she may prevent cookies from being stored on his/her mobile terminal by configuring said mobile terminal appropriately. To do so, the User should go to his/her mobile terminal’s menu, tap the ‘Settings’ function and then delete cookies. This procedure is specific to each mobile terminal model.

Please note that, provided the User’s consent is obtained, the Company’s partners may also use cookies, to which the relevant partner’s privacy policy applies.


Claims made by the User against the Company may only concern events within the twelve months prior to the date said claims are received. Claims must be made in writing and sent:

– by post to the following address:

Service Client, Libre Réponse 94119, 13629 Aix-en-Provence 1, France (no postage necessary)

– or by e-mail to the address provided on the relevant Site.

The Company shall not be required to consider claims sent to it by any other means.

To be valid, claims shall include at least the following information:

– the User’s complete contact details (first name and surname, postal address, e-mail address);

– the name of the Application downloaded and the Site from which the Application was downloaded;

– the nature of the claim;

– the User’s telephone number as entered into the Site or Application.


These General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by French law.

In the event of a dispute with respect to the interpretation, performance and/or validity of these General Terms and Conditions that cannot be resolved amicably, the legal principles concerning jurisdiction shall apply.


Who We Are

Your Information and How We Use It

When you register to access the Prizee application (« Content »), we will need to collect and use your personal information in order to register you as a subscriber and maintain your account (“Account”). To access our Service, you must open and maintain an Account with us through our website http://www.prizee.com/(“Website”). We may also need to verify any personal information which you supply.

Personal information consists of information or an opinion, whether true or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can be reasonably ascertained from the information or opinion. Personal information can include your name, mobile phone number, address and email address. Any details in relation to your personal information (e.g. your name and mobile phone number etc.) will be used only for the specific purpose for which they were provided.

Sensitive information, a sub-set of personal information that enjoys higher privacy protection than personal information, is defined in the Privacy Act to mean information or an opinion about an individual’s:

racial or ethnic origin;

political opinions;

membership of a political association;

religious beliefs or affiliations;

philosophical beliefs;

membership of a professional or trade association;

membership of a trade union;

sexual preferences or practices;

criminal record;

health information; or

genetic information about an individual that is not otherwise health information.We may use your personal information to confirm that Content have been accessed by you, to validate you as a member when you call our help desk, to prevent and detect criminal activity or damage to our Service, and to prosecute those responsible. DVE reserves the right to access and disclose your personal information to comply with applicable laws and lawful government requests, to operate its systems properly or to protect itself or its users.

In the event that we sell or buy any business or assets, we may disclose your personal information to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets. If DVE or substantially all of its assets are acquired by a third party, your personal data will be one of the transferred assets.

Where practical, we will endeavor to give you the option of interacting with us or using our Service anonymously.

IP Addresses and Cookie

We may collect information about your computer, including where available your IP address, operating system and browser type, for system administration and to report aggregate information to our advertisers. This is statistical data about our users’ browsing actions and patterns, and does not identify any individual.

For the same reason, we may obtain information about your general internet usage by using a cookie file which is stored on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer’s hard drive. They help us to improve our site and to deliver a better and more personalised Service.

They enable us:

to estimate our audience size and usage pattern;

to store information about your preferences, and so allow us to customize our site according to your individual interests;

to speed up your searches; and

to recognise you when you return to our site.Please note that our advertisers may also use cookies, over which we have no control.

Third Parties and Overseas Transfer of Personal and Sensitive Information

We will only transfer your personal information overseas or to a third party if:

1) we reasonably believe that the recipient of the information is subject to a law or a contract which effectively upholds privacy principles to the APPs;

We will only transfer your sensitive information overseas or to a third party if:

1) you have expressly consented to us doing so;

We will not sell your personal or sensitive information to third parties without your permission. For the purposes of this provision, third parties do not include prospective buyers of our business. If you have consented to us granting access to your personal information to selected third parties, you consent to their processing your personal information for the purposes of providing details of other products or services.

Please note that our Website may contain links to other sites and we are not responsible for the content of those sites.


We use a variety of physical and electronic security measures, including restricting physical access to our offices, and firewalls and secure databases to keep personal information secure from misuse, loss or unauthorised use or disclosure.

Your Consent

By registering an Account with us you accept that you have read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and that you consent to us collecting and processing your personal information in accordance with this Policy.

Access and Accuracy

You may access all of the personal information that you provide to us and request details of any third parties with whom we have shared your personal information by writing to the address below, see Contact Information section.

We will deal with all requests for access to your personal information as quickly as possible. Requests for a large amount of information, or information which is not currently in use, may require further time before a response can be given. In some cases, consistent with the APPs, we may refuse to give you access to personal information we hold about you, if giving you access:

1) would be unlawful;

If we refuse to give you access to your personal information, we will provide you with reasons for our refusal.

If you think that any information we hold about you is inaccurate, please contact us, see Contact Information section below, and we will take reasonable steps to ensure that it is corrected.

If you would like more information about the way we manage the personal information that we hold about you, or are concerned that we may have breached your privacy and wish to make a complaint, please contact us, see Contact Information section below.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

From time to time, it may be necessary for us to review and revise our privacy policy. We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time, and we may notify you about changes to this policy by posting an updated version of the policy on our Site.

Contact Information

If you have any questions concerning this Agreement please contact via one of the methods below:

Mail :

Digital Virgo Entertainment

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